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​​​​​​​Parent Teachers Association


The PTA is a Registered Charity No: 1041522, run by parent & teacher volunteers.

The School is pleased and fortunate to have the support of an excellent P.T.A. The association organises social events, discos and fairs to raise extra funds to help supplement the school budget, purchase additional equipment  and pay for those little extras that make school a special experience. All parents are automatically members of the P.T.A. (there is no membership fee). The committee is elected at the annual general meeting. We always need additional helpers, so please don’t be shy. For some examples of how the PTA has supported Black Firs, check our Success Stories on the PTA Blog

President - Headteacher - Mr. Martin Casserley

Joint Chair - Karen Calnon & Kirsty Hollins

Joint Secretary - Jane Bates & Vicky Kelly

Treasurer - Sarah Blythe

For further information on the fund-raising and events, please check out our Facebook page and sign up to follow the PTA Blog


Who are the PTA?

The PTA isn’t an exclusive club, or a group that you need to join, and all parents are encouraged to get involved.  However there is a core committee of elected volunteers that help keep the PTA running smoothly.  Below is a list of the current committee members and their roles.


Key Responsibilities:

  • provide lead​ership​​​
  • set the agenda for meetings, liaising with the Secretary
  • ensure the agenda is followed and that all business is covered
  • write the annual report, liaising with the Secretary
  • welcome and involve new members


Key Responsibilities:

  • maintain accurate and detailed  financial records
  • prepare and co-sign cheques as required
  • present a financial report at each meeting
  • provide and account for cash floats at events
  • charity registration and Gift Aid
  • prepare annual accounts and liaise with the independent examiner of accounts
  • count and bank monies


Key Responsibilities:

  • write up the minutes of meetings
  • prepare agendas and call meetings – giving plenty of notice
  • distribute minutes to all the committee
  • make meeting & event arrangements
  • take notes during meetings, keeping a record of attendance
  • ​write the annual report with the Chair​